Monday, August 23, 2010

Painless Bra Less Moments!

Painless Bra Less Moments!

Ever gone with out a bra for half a minute down the street and had to turn back to your apartment because you can't quite shake the feeling that your lady lumps are playing a bigger role then your face...
Well now ladies you can get your feminine on without fear of reprimand by old ladies or those weird side way glances from strangers!

Braza Bra home of all things lady has presented to us Petal Tops the perfect nipple cover up - Now I have to tell you I gave the heart shape Petal Tops a spin, and fell in love.

Perfect for halter tops, tube tops, and any other clingy fabric Braza Bra Petal Tops are definitely a must have for any wardrobe.

Sounds good right? You can find a set in our VIP goody Bags September 24th - or you can head to any Ricky's store in NYC.
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  1. I tried those and I could see the petal shape from under my shirt. It was a thin shirt but that's why I wanted them, for nipple coverage.