Monday, August 30, 2010

Mmm..smells good..cools good..

Mmm..smells good..cools good..

It's a New York heat wave this week.. and we are loving it and dreading it all at the same time.
Good news for us however because we've just had a box full of COOL OFF Citrus Ice towelettes sent to our office!

We never plug anything we haven't tried so the girls in the office have just whipped a couple open and are currently chilling as we speak - and the consensus is.. COOL OFFS work!

A citrus and menthol fragrant towelette that you dab on the back of the knees, arms or neck COOL OFF towelettes are a fashionistas cool down dream.
All natural and infused with botanical herbs, moisturizing botanicals and essential oils you can pop this bad boy in your purse and voila whenever you reach that melting point - whip one out and get refreshed and infused!

COOL OFF towelettes are part of our VIP goody Bags September 24th - which if you haven't picked up a ticket to - get moving.
Pick up tickets to our next event TRC - Fashion for Fall September 24th.
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