Monday, March 8, 2010

Smelly girls are lonely girls

Smelly girls are lonely girls, and none of us want that.

We all know that girls can be just as stinky as boys, and lets face it some of us ladies can really pong.
So to combat that stinky under arm smell, that happens around 2pm (and for some of us as soon as we leave our apartment), we recommend from our friends at DERMAdoctor their amazing deodorant Total Nonscents.

Not only is it complete B.O protection but its fragrance free leaving you to produce a sexier personal musk that wont drive the world away.

What about that awkward white stripe that appears after you put your clothes on and wont disappear no matter how much water you pat on it? Total Nonscents wont leave a white residue,and it wont break your skin out into tiny red nasty bumps.
Its basically the perfect deodorant.

Wait there is one more thing, you can wear Total Nonscents guilt free as no animal testing was done to put this product on the shelves and in our hands.

You can find a suprise DermaDoctor product in our goody bags at the Tribeca Retail Clubs Shopping and Night Life event.
Snag a ticket now!

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